Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was recently inspired by my friend's latest post over at Poop, and Other Fun Things. In reading about her little one's favorite and not so favorite things I feel like I know him and I haven't even met him! It also got me thinking about what L's favorite and not so favorite things are right now. It seems these two lists change weekly! So for whatever it is worth, here are L's two lists (for this week)...

Favorite things...
-pears and bananas
-her new stoller
-being worn by mama
-all things about mama
-URSA (probably should be at the top of the list)
-Going for afternoon walks
-being swaddled for sleep
-her johnny jump up
-giving raspberries
-her giraffe

No so favorite things...
-seeing mama but not being held by mama
-sleeping without a swaddle
-her swing
-not being able to move more quickly
-wearing clothes and diapers

I look forward to writing this list again in a few weeks (if I can remember or find the time) to see how it has changed!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beginning

About a month ago we had another first for our family - our first (of hopefully many) visit with Lilleth's birthmom and birth great grandmother. It was natural. It was sweet. It was amazing.

Since the beginning of this adoption journey, which coincidentally began in early March of 2010 (just one year ago!), I wondered about how a visit like this would go down. Would I be nervous? Would it be uncomfortable? I mean how does a visit so filled with emotion begin and end? Well, all I can say is it just does and it just did.

We spent the weekend in Washington and had a blast exploring Olympia, vintage clothes shopping, drinking coffee, eating great Mexican food and spending time with our extended family.

Seeing Lilleth with her birthmom was so sweet. I imagine it was like looking in a mirror for Lilleth - seeing where she gets her eyes and nose from. Similar for her birthmom, I saw the spark in her eyes when she looked at how beautiful and happy Lilleth is, a sense of relief and excitement that we really are committed to her and this new "family" and of course a bit of sadness, which I cannot even comment on or know how to write about. But all in all our visit was so natural, kind of like going to your cousin's house for a birthday. It was really evident that we are all working to figure this thing out and open to experiencing it with open and honest communication and a little bit of humor.

I really am looking forward to future visits - watching and supporting Lilleth as she builds a relationship with her birthmom. I also look forward to continuing to build my relationship with Lilleth's birthmom, she is fun to be around and I can't wait to see what she is going to accomplish in the coming years.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A post to (try to) cover the last few months

Well it has been a very long time since my last blog (that kind of sounds like I am about to confess) and here is my lame attempt to try and recap the last few, sleepless, heartwarming, beautiful months.

Lilleth is five months old, yes five months old already. I look at her somewhere between 12-13 pound body and I can barely remember when she was 7 pounds. It is hard for me to remember holding her neck because she couldn't yet support it or letting her lay on the couch without worry of her rolling off (no she has NOT done that...yet). It truly is amazing how fast babies change in just five months.

In just the last few months Lilleth has become a master smiler, giggler and an ultimate mover. She is never still, constantly moving like a second hand on a clock. She mastered rolling from her belly to her back at the ripe young age of 2 months old and is now exploring the adventures of rolling from her back to her belly. She hasn't quite mastered this new skill but it is just days before she is rolling across our hardwood floors to chase Ursa.

Speaking of Ursa...she is Lilleth's favorite. I sometimes think she would rather have Ursa swaddle her up and rock her to sleep instead of me or David. She is always looking for her the moment she wakes up and seems to spend lots of time reaching for her, smiling at her and talking to her. This "relationship" is not quite equal. While Ursa does like her (she tastes pretty good and gets praise when she lays down next to her) she doesn't quite adore her quite as much as Lilleth adores her. We know that will change as soon as Lilleth becomes mobile.

Lilleth is pretty much the perfect child, but is not without some things we are working on...for example, sleep. For most of the first three and half months Lilleth slept A LOT and through most of the nights. However, when four months hit, so did the sleep deprived, zombie eyes, mega coffee drinking days. For three weeks it felt like we were being tortured (hard to imagine something so small, pretty much not mobile, and so completely adorable could do so much damage to two adults).

While there have been better nights this week, it is still touch and go with the sleep, so if we drink your coffee or don't answer your calls or emails you know why. I know this phase will pass so I look to the light at the end of the tunnel every night before going to bed!

Okay, so I think I have you all caught up...time for bed, or at least a few hours of sleep.