Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking a Deep Breath

Finally, I am finding the time to update this darn blog. Life has been whizzing by and L is nearly 8 months old. Yes, 8 months old is what I said. I can barely believe that L has been in our lives for that long, but then again I can barely remember the time before she arrived, maybe because of lack of sleep or more likely because she is just so delightful to be around!

Let's see, we have done a lot over the last month...

L has graduated to eating pretty much all solid food in sight! She loves everything we put in front of her including salmon, turkey, blueberries, watermelon, green beens, carrots, potatoes, rice puffs, bread...the list goes on and on. Watching her taste new foods is so fun for us that we have really gotten into making quite the gourmet baby food for L - things like root mash, salmon and rice delight, green bean/turkey and mint yumminess, and more. In fact we are thinking of starting yet another blog that is going to follow our food journey with L. Most of you know that David and I can be considered foodies and food snobs so we are always thinking about how to make sure L shares this love of really yummy, healthy food with us!

We got to spend some time with friends visiting from Missoula who have a little girl just a few months older than L. How fun it was to see the two girls spend time together and for us to spend time with our friends.

The pool has been one of our favorite activities!

We spent time with L's birth mom at the Portland zoo! It was a great trip and L's favorite animals were the zebra and giraffe. It was great to see A and be able to share L's laughs and smiles with her.

L has had the privilege of spending quality time with one set of her grandparents each week, not to mention we have had the pleasure of their fine babysitting skills!

L is now standing up on the furniture on her own (and in her crib) and as of recent she is crawling all over the place! She is so happy that she can get to Ursa (and Ursa's toys) and anywhere else she fancies!

And finally, the best for last - L loves to play the piano and we caught one of her performances on video for you all