Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bathroom Remodel--98% done--Plus More!!

I realized that we never posted pictures of our 98% done bathroom remodel! The only thing we have left to do is finish the 98% done...let's hope that last 2% will be done soon!

In addition to completing the bathroom remodel we have gotten a lot accomplished, including some fun!

We just finished the last of our paperwork for the agency...our service plan which turned out to be 14 pages long was turned in and approved the agency. I guess that means we passed the long take home test. Our service plan required us to read a bunch of books, take some classes, and talk with friends and family about our adoption.

We also have been busy preserving the harvest (and making baby food)! A few weeks ago we processed the following: 20 pounds of pears, 16 pounds of plums, 11 pounds of blueberries, 25 pounds of peaches, made 20 quarts of dilly beans and pickles and are now preparing for a last process of tomatoes (we are aiming to can around 40 quarts). I think just maybe we will have food for the winter!

My birthday weekend was a blast too! We went to the coast and spent three lovely days enjoying the sun, watching whales and having some quiet time before the little lady arrives. Here are some pics of the aquarium...

It has been a busy last few weeks! We can't wait for the little lady to arrive...only three more weeks!! Off to our shower!


  1. Thinking of you guys as the time draw near!!! She could come anytime now, right? Do you go and meet her as soon as she's born? I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know exactly how the process goes! :) Sending lots of love...these last few weeks of advent are the hardest, I think.

  2. Hey Kaethe! Yes it is soon, the birth mom is due 10/10/10! We are going up to WA for the birth and then we will need to stay in the state until the paperwork is all done (probably around 4 days) and then we can come home. I absolutely love your blog posts, so inspirational, humorous and entertaining! I love having a sneakpeak into your lives in MN all the way from OR! Can't wait for Thisbe and our little one to meet...

  3. The bathrooms looks so nice! The aquarium looks really neat. Love the pics.

    Looking forward to 10/10/10!!

  4. hey, happy belated birthday! and congratulations on such a bountiful harvest!