Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home! We were delighted to get the call from our social worker that we were cleared to cross state lines with our Lilleth and on the way home, we stopped at our lawyer's office and filed our petition. Home sweet home on Tuesday evening. Our days have been filled with introducing Ursa to Lilleth (who she loves to lick-the dog that is), entertaining our many guests who are so excited to meet Lilleth and enjoying every moment. Below are some pictures of our first two days home. Now off to get some sleep while Lilleth is napping...


  1. So cute! Isn't introducing your dog to them so fun?! Our Tank is so good with our Lillian. So protective of "his baby". LOL. It's good to see yours warming up to Lilleth - I think it's such a treasured thing for a child to grow up with a dog!