Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was recently inspired by my friend's latest post over at Poop, and Other Fun Things. In reading about her little one's favorite and not so favorite things I feel like I know him and I haven't even met him! It also got me thinking about what L's favorite and not so favorite things are right now. It seems these two lists change weekly! So for whatever it is worth, here are L's two lists (for this week)...

Favorite things...
-pears and bananas
-her new stoller
-being worn by mama
-all things about mama
-URSA (probably should be at the top of the list)
-Going for afternoon walks
-being swaddled for sleep
-her johnny jump up
-giving raspberries
-her giraffe

No so favorite things...
-seeing mama but not being held by mama
-sleeping without a swaddle
-her swing
-not being able to move more quickly
-wearing clothes and diapers

I look forward to writing this list again in a few weeks (if I can remember or find the time) to see how it has changed!


  1. you read my blog?! yay! i am now following yours, since stalking you guys on facebook is only so productive :) i love that you did a likes and dislikes list, too. it's so funny the things they like now, and i i can't wait to compare it to the things they like in 6 months. so glad you guys are doing well! love you!!

  2. Yes, I love your blog! It is great to read your posts, as you are two months ahead of us, so I always know what to look forward to. Maybe one day our little ones can meet in person! congrats on the wedding again, your pictures are gorgeous!