Sunday, May 23, 2010


All together now...exhale...thanks, we needed that.

So the home visit took place on Saturday and go figure, it went great! Alexis came to our house and we spent six hours chatting. The interview was really wonderful - both of us had a chance to talk about our childhood, high school and college experiences, and our relationship with each other. It was a lot. Beyond just talking about ourselves, we also talked a lot about what it means to adopt, be a part of an open adoption and possibly a transracial adoption. Alexis even threw us a few curve ball questions for us to think about how we would react. We really appreciated the fact that she is an adopted child and had a lot of insight for us and is an excellent resource for our hundreds of questions. All in all, she is great and we feel lucky to have her helping us through this process.

We feel quite exhausted after this weekend - not only because it was a long day on Saturday but really because of the way we built the home visit up in our heads. We were nervous, not about "passing" the visit, but rather about how close we are really getting to the end of this 'hurry up and wait period.' It has been paperwork, fingerprints, family book making, etc up until we need to talk about our motivation to adopt and our we actually are reflecting and not just doing. It is exhausting to reflect and process.

We also had a lot of anticipation for what this home visit would be like. Of course we googled and checked out every blog out there to skim other experiences, but in the end still had no idea what it would be like for us. To our surprise the meeting was pretty uneventful and non-climatic. It was just a talk, nothing more, and quite easy. Of course for the rest of the evening I replayed every moment of the meeting in my head (and out loud to David) wondering if we impressed upon Alexis how much this meant to us and how great of parents we would be...thank goodness David is so patient! But as I said above, the visit was great and we feel good.

We have a final follow up meeting with Alexis in two weeks where we will see a draft of her write up and answer any final questions she may have. I look forward to seeing her final product! Then we have our class in June and we are officially in the pool. Can't wait to dive in.

Stay tuned...


  1. Congrats!!!!! I'm glad it went so well for you guys! Doesn't it feel like a huge weight off your shoulders to have it over with??? Yays!

  2. Yay yay yay! Totally inspired.

  3. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog on the Production Not Reproduction blogroll!

    We are in the homestudy phase of the adoption process as well! It's nice to follow along others in the same boat!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello! And I look forward to following along your journey!

  4. Thanks Tiffany and good luck with your homestudy! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.