Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fast Track

So last Thursday our agency called me and asked if we would be okay with quickly (i.e. doing Thursday evening) putting together a profile with a dear expectant parent letter and pictures. They wanted to show a birth mom our profile...huh? We haven't even turned in our contract?!

Apparently since we are from Oregon and completely open to race this birth mom was looking for folks like us. We were on our way out of town to hang with some friends in MT, so our drive there and back consisted of cobbling together a letter and starting to put together a portfolio. Crazy.

We were not expecting to be scurrying around this soon, but I do have to admit it is so exciting. It seems we are on the fast track now. For all of you still writing our reference letters...please get them in!


  1. Oh my! Good thoughts winging their way from AZ

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts...I guess this fast track has helped us just get those darn autobiographies done (along with all of the other paperwork)! Hope your autobiographies are going well and you are cranking through them. I love your posts describing your process!