Monday, May 10, 2010

Moving on up...

So we finished the darn family book...finally! We ordered our first copy a few days ago and are waiting to see the copy before we order all of the others for the agency to start showing families. They already have a brief letter and a few pictures of us that they printed out to show a birth mom, but now we will soon have a real family book. It feels good to have that done.

When thinking about all of the things that we had to do for the adoption (so far at least) the family book really didn't rise to the top as something that I thought would be so hard, boy was I wrong. Trying to encapsulate your life in 20 pages or less, mostly pictures, is really hard. Especially if you are trying to find pictures that make you look like you will be a good parent. I can tell you that all of the pictures I have taken over the years, not once did I ever think, "hmm, will this picture be good for my family book? Do I look like I would be a good parent?" It was hard, but I must say, the book is one fine album and I am quite happy with it. Once we approve it, I will share a link to the online version (in Shutterfly). However, I will warn you, when I do share it with you, they will all be printed and handed out, so if you notice something funny...don't mention it!

In other paperwork, my background and criminal history are all cleared (whew...) and David passed his medical physical (whew again).


  1. So, it sounds like it is a very different procedure than the one we're going through. This isn't part of your homestudy right? This is the actual "hello, we're Shelly and David" piece. We're a long way from that. You two really are on a fast track!

  2. Well, our process is a little bit out of order because there was a rush to get our family book in the hands of a few birth families. Officially all of this paperwork (prints, background checks, auto biographies, etc) are part of the homestudy, but we have yet to schedule the actual interview with the social worker. I am beginning to feel like no one adoption is ever the same!